Author: Anna Sukiasyan
Jun 19, 2023

From Sales to Success: Insights into the Senior VP’s Role

Galaxsys, a gaming studio with a mere two years of existence, has achieved remarkable success, with over 150+ partners worldwide, four prestigious awards, and an impressive portfolio of games. To gain insights into the secrets behind the accomplishments, we talked with Gil Soffer – Galaxsys’ Senior Vice President, Sales, and Business Development and a key figure within the company.

Soffer, an entrepreneur, lawyer, and business consultant, with an LLB in law and MBA, has previously founded and contributed to the development of companies in high-tech and international commerce before joining the gaming industry over 14 years ago. He has worked in C-level positions in several gaming companies and brought his extensive knowledge and experience to Galaxsys in August of 2022 when he joined as Senior Vice President.

When asked about the key milestones or achievements in his career that have contributed to his success in the iGaming industry, Soffer replied – “There are many milestones and achievements in my long career in this industry. All the companies I’ve worked for enjoyed exceptional growth in the years that I worked there and I believe my record speaks for itself.”


Galaxsys’ current portfolio of games consists of 20+ games and a roadmap of 20+ additional games by the end of this year. While this strategy was announced at the beginning of the year, we strived to gain a more comprehensive understanding by exploring what truly distinguishes Galaxsys from the competition in terms of its Sales and Business Development strategies.
We have crash, plinko, mines, instant, and skill games. We have won 4 awards and managed to sign contracts with the major tier1 aggregators, platforms, and aggregators. We have licenses in major jurisdictions and a talented and motivated team of professionals. As for our strategy, it involves being in all markets and developing the best-of-breed games with great math, design, and features. We have many engagement tools including freeBets, freeAmounts, leaderboard, Lightning Bonus, etc. We aim to be the leader in this space in years to come and are in a position to attain this goal.” – Soffer added.


In conclusion, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development offered valuable advice for aspiring young professionals seeking to make a significant impact in the iGaming industry.

“Perseverance and hard work are keys to success. Think long term and build good relationships with your team and your clients and make sure they are happy. Never rest on your laurels and always try to do better.“

This summer is set to be an incredibly busy and exciting time for Galaxsys. The team has just returned from a successful exhibition in SiGMA Americas in Brazil and will be participating in the upcoming major events as iGB Live in Amsterdam, SiGMA Asia in The Philippines, where they will further connect with industry leaders, forge new partnerships, and showcase our latest games and promotional features.

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