Author: Anna Sukiasyan
Jun 26, 2023

What Happens If You Bet on 0 and 00 in Online Roulette?

Roulette is a popular casino game known for its excitement, unpredictability, and relatively high chances of winning. Obviously, different variants of roulette games may have slight variations in rules and available bets, but the basic principles of the game remain the same: the players need to predict which number the ball will land on a spinning wheel, which has numbered pockets from 1 to 36. But there’s one more interesting factor that you may have noticed  in the wheel, and it is the presence of two special numbers: 0 and 00.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you place a bet on these green slots?
This article will mostly be dedicated to exploring potential outcomes and payouts when you bet on 0 and 00 in online roulette game.


Understanding the Green space: 0 or 00? 


In most European versions of the roulette game, the wheel features a single zero pocket (0), which is usually coloured green. However, the American version includes an additional green pocket, marked with a double zero (00). These green pockets are important as they offer distinct betting possibilities and might lead to quite different odds and payouts of various bets.


Betting on 0

Placing a bet on 0 in online roulette means your guess is the ball will land in the single zero pocket. The odds of winning such a bet depend on the specific version of the game. In European and specifically French roulette, where there is only one zero pocket, the odds of winning are 1 in 37, as there are 37 total pockets. The payout is usually 35 to 1, meaning you would receive 35 times your initial bet, plus your wager back.


Betting on 00

Betting on 00, which is usually exclusive to the American version of roulette, involves predicting that the ball will settle in the double zero pocket. The odds of winning this bet in American roulette are 1 in 38, as there are 38 total pockets. The payout for a winning bet on 00 is usually the same as a winning bet on any other individual number or 0, which is 35 to 1. If you decide to place a bet specifically on 0 or 00, you are making what is called a straight-up bet. This means that you are wagering on the ball landing on either of these green numbers. Now, let’s explore what happens when you make this bet.

Payouts and Odds:

As mentioned above, in American Roulette, the payout for winning on 0 or 00 is typically 35:1. This means that if you place a $1 bet on 0 or 00 and win, you would receive $35 in winnings, in addition to keeping your original $1 bet.

Note that the odds of winning this bet are relatively lower compared to other types of bets in roulette due to the presence of the green numbers.


The House Edge: The presence of 0 and 00 in the roulette wheel gives the house an additional advantage, resulting in a higher overall house edge. In American Roulette, the house edge is approximately 5.26%, which means that on average, the casino expects to retain about 5.26% of all bets placed in the long run. 

What if I bet only on 0 or 00? 

Betting solely on 0 or 00 is considered a risky strategy in online roulette casino games. While it is possible to win by placing this bet, the probability of winning is lower compared to other types of bets. That’s why it is advised to explore other betting options that offer higher odds of winning or different payouts. 


The importance of understanding the odds and potential outcomes

Understanding the odds and potential outcomes when betting on 0 or 00 in roulette allows you to approach the game with knowledge and make decisions that can enhance your overall roulette experience. To further elaborate on this key point, let’s explore the importance of understanding the odds.


Maximizing winning opportunities: By understanding the odds, you can make more informed betting decisions, further increasing your chances of winning.


Managing various risks: Betting on 0 or 00 carries a higher risk due to the lower odds of winning. Understanding the potential outcomes will allow you to make informed decisions about the amount of the potential risks and winnings.


Making well-informed bets: Knowledge of the odds and potential outcomes helps you to make well-informed bets that align with your preferences and goals. This way, you can choose bets that offer the right balance of risk and potential rewards, enhancing the overall roulette experience.


Avoid misconceptions: Understanding the odds and potential outcomes will help to avoid common misconceptions or myths associated with betting on 0 or 00. It allows you to rely on facts rather than beliefs, making more rational and strategic decisions.

In conclusion, placing bets on green pockets with 0 and 00 in online roulette can be quite an intriguing choice that adds an extra layer of excitement and complexity to the game. However, it’s important to understand the odds and potential outcomes that come with these bets. By understanding the odds, managing risks, and making well-informed bets, you can maximize your winning opportunities and further enhance your chances of winning in this casino game. 

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