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Sep 16, 2022

Galaxsys Launches the HEXAGON Game at SBC Summit Barcelona

Galaxsys Launches the HEXAGON Game at SBC Summit Barcelona
The highly anticipated launch of Hexagon, the latest addition to Galaxsys’ skill-based game portfolio, took place on September 20, 2022 at the Galaxsys stand (G17) during the SBC Summit Barcelona.

The game launch attracted many industry professionals and gaming enthusiasts eager to try the new game.

Hexagon is a game like no other, introducing a fresh concept to the gaming industry by seamlessly combining the elements of board games with the thrill of betting and gaming. The objective of the game is to gain more hex-shaped particles by making strategic moves that create new particles or eventually overtake the opponent’s particles.

The launch of Hexagon at SBC Summit Barcelona was an absolute success, with the Galaxsys stand becoming a hub of activity for attendees who wanted to try the demo version of the game and learn more about the innovative and talented team behind the project. In addition to the game launch, Galaxsys also showcased several exciting updates and gift sets for potential partners, further solidifying the company’s commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the gaming industry.

Several months after its official launch, Galaxsys is proud to announce that the game has been integrated with more than 150+ partners worldwide and we are optimistic that its popularity will continue to grow among partners and players in the coming years.

Galaxsys is fully dedicated to providing the best possible gaming experience for its players and, with this in mind, the company has already begun working on updates and new features for Hexagon with the goal of continuously enhancing and evolving the gameplay experience.