Pasur (Pasoor) is a popular fishing card game, with an attractive and fascinating game process. Thanks to the Parsur’s functionality, as well as design and technical solutions, the game stands out with its unique attractiveness. As the game originated in the 19th century, we have developed our version, providing a modern touch to it. As a result, we managed to maintain the true values of the game, making it much more engaging and absorbing for the digital era. We follow convention in terms of the following bid: Sur – If a player can take all the table cards without playing a J, then he scores a Sur.


  • Multi-currency support

    To ensure the users make payments using the currency they are already comfortable using, the game is supported by all ISO standard currencies.

  • History View

    The records of the past three days’ games are fully accessible to the players.

  • Design Customization

    Parsur by Galaxsys allows players to modify the background color and style, as well as cards and front design.

  • Guest Mode

    Before starting the games, players can see how other users are engaging with the game. To help them do so, we integrated a special “Guest Mode”.

  • Availability across devices

    The game is available on the following channels: web, mobile(portrait and landscape)

  • Highly engaging

    Throughout the game, the players can participate in both tournaments and rake races.