Backgammon, one of the oldest and most popular board games in the world, is a game for two players. The game starts when one of the players creates a new game or joins an existing game. We offer a different list of conventional bids such as Cube, Cocs, Jacoby, Mars and Koks, Beaver, Change Dice, and Private Game. In our Backgammon, we have combined classic functionality with a simple and intuitive user interface. The features can be customized to meet the local market requirements and increase player engagement, along with product ascendancy.


  • Roll the dice again

    The function is available when creating a table in all the Backgammon types (Short, American, Long). With the help of this function, the players have the opportunity to roll one or both dice again at any minute in the game.

  • History View

    The records of the past three days’ games are fully accessible to the players.

  • Guest Mode

    Before starting the games, players can see how other users are engaging with the game. To help them do so, we integrated a special “Guest Mode”.

  • Availability across devices

    The game is available both on the following web and mobile.

  • Design Customization

    Backgammon by Galaxsys allows players to modify the background color and style, as well as cards and front design.

  • Highly engaging

    The organizer allows his players to play three types of Backgammon: Short, Armenian, Long. The players can participate in both tournaments and rake races.